Presenting of Colors

The 2019 Inauguration Joint Honor Guard members are:

  • DPS Honor Guard - Sergeant Steven Kafton, Trooper Steve McBride, Detective David Romero
  • AZ National Guard Honor Guard- Staff Sergeant Anthony Sandoval, Staff Sergeant Brittney Schmid

The presentation of colors is a ceremony presenting or retiring a flag. The "colors" refer to a flag. A color guard, consisting of two honor guards and two flag bearers, presents or retires the colors. A Sergeant-at-Arms dictates the orders during the ceremony. Proper respect should be given to the colors at all times during the ceremony.

An announcement is made by an appointed officer that the colors will be presented. Guests rise and the officer asks that the colors to be presented. The Sergeant gives the orders to the honor guard and flag bearers. He calls the group to attention before marching to the front to face the appointed officer. The officer will signal that the colors should be presented, and the Sergeant gives the order.

When a stage is not available, the flags must be placed in flag holders on the floor. The flags must be placed to the left of the speaker. The honor guard remains at attention while the flag bearers to march in a line toward the flag holders. One bearer then faces right while the other bearer faces left. The flag bearers place the flags in the stands and take a step backwards.

When the colors have been presented, the group faces the flags and stands at attention. Honor is given to the flag, whether it is a salute, standing at attention or removal of hats and placing hands over hearts.