Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect Kathy Hoffman

Kathy Hoffman

Kathy Hoffman’s journey into politics began when she realized that our elected officials were failing the needs of her students and colleagues. Her experience as both an educator and advocate for students with disabilities informs her vision for public education. Throughout her career in our public schools, Kathy has fought tirelessly for equal access to a high-quality public education regardless of a student’s race, gender, or zip code.

As the first educator elected to lead the Department of Education in twenty years, Kathy is proud to be the positive voice for all schools in every community. She looks forward to revitalizing the Department of Education as an agency of service and continuing her travels around the state to collaborate with our education leaders. In her service as State Superintendent, Kathy is eager to work with leaders statewide to find creative solutions for students, teachers and schools alike.